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M2E Wayne Interface Coming Soon!

The M2E board translates mechanical pump signals into electronic protocol. We have had a lot of success with the M2E board working with marinas, commercial bulk plants, and retail applications in the field. The Gilbarco interface is installed in over 100 sites so far and in 2021 we are finishing up the Wayne interface as well. We will have more information on that very soon. Whether you are running electronic pumps or mechanicals, TMS has something that will work, whether it is our MPC system, EZ, or M2E.


Triangle MicroSystems, Inc. (TMS) Celebrates it's 40 year Anniversary

Triangle MicroSystems, Inc. (TMS) is a fuel control systems company. We were formed in April 1978 as an engineering consulting business with our primary focus on contract engineering and microprocessor-based product development. By 1982 the company had developed its own product lines, a rapidly growing customer base, and expertise in the design and manufacture of fuel control and automation systems for retail and commercial fuel dispensers. TMS has continued to cultivate an excellent product reputation and favorable company image based on our quality products, strong product warranty, and a highly customer-oriented service department. Located in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina, TMS is in the heart of technology with the Research Triangle Park close by.

Triangle MicroSystems has a strong customer base from large scale to mom and pop stores, as well as marinas and commercial sites. This has been accomplished through the development of a network of over 500 distributors, dealers, and service accounts across the US and Canada. Our controllers have been proven time and again to stand up to the harsh environments found in both the C-Stores and Marinas.

The fuel control product line features our MPC and EZ consoles for electronic dispensers, the MPC Hybrid console which now replaces the TMS-800F Plus controller for mechanical pumps, and the M2E (mechanical to electronic) converter board. Our M2E boards convert mechanical pulses into an electronic output, thus “converting” a mechanical pump into an electronic that can be controlled by any controller. Also included in our line is the EZ/TXECSS System which has been developed in response to a growing demand for an inexpensive pay-at- the-pump system. This product combines a TMS EZ fuel controller with a PC application written by TXECSS of Richardson, TX., in order to create a very cost-effective point of sale system. The EZ/TXECSS system is designed to control a wide range of electronic dispensers, with or without on-board card readers, and will manage any payment mode – cash, credit, debit, or proprietary cards. Costing significantly less than other controllers, this product is ideal for small independent gasoline stations, marinas, and C- stores.

TMS is continuing research and engineering development programs and will continue to provide new and improved products for the petroleum equipment industry for many more years to come.