TMS Warranty and Service Information Updated

We have updated our Warranty and Service policy. Please read and familiarize yourself with our new policy here: TMS Warranty. Thank you.


Introducing TMS Phone Support Plans

TMS is pleased to announce that we are now offering Phone Support Plans to our end users. Phone Support is included in the cost of the system free for the first 90 days after shipment.

Customers may purchase a 12 month Support Plan during the 90 days for $299.00 which includes unlimited phone support during normal business hours (M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm EST). After the initial 90 days, support calls will be billed at $69.00 per incident or a plan may be purchased for $375.00. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our Support Plan page.


EZ PetroSmart Pay-at-the-Pump Update

Sixteen years ago, TMS entered into a joint venture with Special Service Systems of Tulsa, OK to develop a low-cost pay-at-the-pump solution for the petroleum market. The resulting system paired their PetroSmart credit card terminal with our TMS EZ gas pump controller, and has since been employed in hundreds of stores across the U.S.

SSS has announced that they will be shutting down their business operations for good on November 30th, 2015. With the closing of their doors, the PetroSmart terminal will no longer be available. Consequently, we regret to announce that we can no longer offer the pay-at-the-pump option with our EZ system. This is effective immediately. SSS has indicated that they will be contacting end users directly regarding this development.

TMS will continue to support the EZ console and honor the warranty of our portion of the system. We will not, however, be able to support the PetroSmart card terminal except on a very limited basis since this was Special Service Systems’ product and our knowledge is somewhat limited on it.

We will be exploring options for developing a new pay-at-the-pump solution, so please keep reading our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future announcements.


We have a new address:
1807 Garner Station Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27603.


We are now at 60+ problem free days on our installation with the Bennett Pacific reader/EZ PetroSmart system. We are now ready to begin taking orders for any of these new Bennett pumps with card readers as well as the new Wayne dispenser and CAT’s. Please call and talk with Tommy Goodson or Earl Parks and we will be happy to help you with anything you may need.


TMS is pleased to announce that we have installed our first site with Bennett Pacific pumps and card readers with our EZ PetroSmart console. We can now communicate to the newer Bennett and Wayne readers with the graphic displays and softkeys. We would like to thank Brad Howe, president of R & R Petro Services in Corpus Christi, TX for selling and installing this site.


Press Release - for immediate release

Triangle MicroSystems Announces New President, Tommy Goodson

Triangle MicroSystems, a leader in fuel pump controls since 1979, has announced the appointment of Tommy Goodson as its new president. “I am very excited to be a part of TMS and to have the opportunity to lead us into the future,” states Mr. Goodson.

Previously the Marketing and Sales Director for TMS, Mr. Goodson has 23 years of experience in the fuel control industry. Mr. Goodson began his career as a bench tech in 1991 and has since become a well-known and respected figure in the field.


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