MPC Hybrid Console


The MPC console has a long, successful history of controlling a wide range of retail gasoline dispensing equipment, including mechanical pumps and Bennett, Gilbarco, and Tokheim electronic dispensers.

The MPC console replaces existing TMS-800F, 800F PLUS, and TMS-16 consoles providing improved features and benefits including expanded operational reports, individual fueling position keys, programmable printer receipt heading, and more.

The Hybrid MPC console will control any combination of mechanical pumps and electronic dispensers up to 16 hoses.

Features and Benefits

  • Control any combination of mechanical pumps and electronic dispensers
  • Control Mechanical Pumps: The MPC with mechanical interface can control up to 16 hoses regardless of the pump manufacturer. Mechanical totalizer readings from the pump can be programmed into the console for convenient tracking.
  • Control Electronic Dispensers: The MPC with electronic interface can control as many as 16 fueling positions with up to 4 products per position.
  • Requires only 8 x 9 inches of counter space and the manager key lock keeps totals and prices secure.
  • Has the ability to print sales receipts, shift totals, and the store’s ID. The MPC protects and prints total inventories and the mechanical totalizer readings can be programmed into the console. Programming instructions can be printed directly from the console to the optional printer.
  • The MPC offers a mixture of electronic MPD’s for gasoline and mechanical dispensors for kerosene and diesel fuels. The stacking memory allows immediate reauthorization of pumps for the next sale.

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